What We Do

Pressure surge can destroy your pipeline systems  Pressure surge can cause:

  •  pipe bursts
  • pipe collapse
  • fluid contamination
  • pipe movement
  • damaged linings
  • air valve failure
  • pump damage
  • check valve damage
  • generator damage
  • sever flooding
  • loss of supply
  • damage to exchangers
  • sink holes

Systems Affected

Systems that often have pressure surge problems include: clean water systems, waste water transfers, storm water rising mains; power station cooling systems; water distribution systems, oil pipelines; RAS (activated sludge) onsite pipelines; aircraft fueling systems; hydropower stations; and any fluid system in which the inertia (mass and velocity) of the fluid is significant. 

Surge Control Solutions

We offer surge control solutions by: redesign, pipe material and diameter changes, air vessels, surge tanks, relief valves, pressure sustaining, pressure reducing, control, flywheels, rerouting, valve selection, feed tanks, surge shafts, check valve selection and control, vacuum breakers and air valves and vsd control. 

Surge Analysis

We can provide your organisation with excellent surge analysis and fluid control design and a service which enables you to participate in the development of an optimal solution


We can also provide surge training and guidance and support for your hydraulic designers, operators and clients to enable them to understand, control, analyse, and design for pressure surge in your pipe systems.

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