The Archloo

The archloo was developed under my guidance by Glover Development Engineers in South Africa. It has taken the country by storm. The amount of material involved is so small  and the rate of construction is so fast that it is probably the lowest cost venitilated pit solution around (including mud construction). There is a lot of conservatism in this field, but I strongly recommend trying this solution as health promotion organisations have found it to be the best way to get total sanitation coverage at a rate affordable by villagers. 

The structure is very strong, very light, and very fast to construct. I know it has a door, and so many books say a door is bad news for venting, but we found that a door was at the top of the users list of requirements for a sanitation solution.

Seetella Makhetha of Makhetha Development Consultants has been involved in Sanitation provision for years, and describes the archloo as the best invention ever, as it has enabled  him to promote the construction of thousands of home built toilets.

In view of the massive success of the Archloo, a number of individuals have been trying to claim patent rights to the design. These are illegitimate. I designed the structure and chose to published internationally to prevent patenting issues and release rights in a (Linux like) open license agreement so that the designs can be used widely by  rural workers to share and develop techniques without the handicaps associated with proprietary developments.. Do not pay licensing fees to anyone.

The Open-License

In view of the need to improve sanitation technology, this solution is available for general use under an open license agreement. The purpose is to ensure the technology can be widely used without royalty, and that developments can be shared openly.

This license applies to implementation or modification of the Archtoilet as developed by Glover Development Engineers. Modification and implementation of the ArchToilet designs can be made under this license.
You may modify improve and implement designs of the Archtoilet without a royalty charge providing:
that you cause all developments of and derivations from the designs to be licensed as a whole at no charge to all third parties under the all third parties under the terms of this license.

Because the designs are licensed free of charge, there is no warranty or indemnity for the designs, to the extent permitted by law, except where otherwise stated in writing, the designs are provided “AS IS” without warranty of any kind. Should the designs prove defective in anyway, you assume the cost of repair, servicing and correction.
Modifications and improvements are made available to GDE and other interested parties, and these are free to implement, modify and distribute such without royalty under the conditions of this license agreement.
A copy of this license agreement should be attached to any distributions of these designs or modifications produced under this license.

You are not required to accept this license, since you have not signed it. However, nothing else grants you permission to modify or implement the Archtoilet designs. These actions are prohibited by law if you do not accept this license. Therefore by modifying or implementing the said designs you indicate your acceptance of the license to do so.

Detailed Construction Manual

Full construction details are available in this manual. For details click on the image below or the link at the bottom.

Archloo manual available online through google books, click here.

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