Surge Analysis of Cooling Networks

Surge Analysis of Cooling Networks is vital to avoid disaster.

Condenser heat exchanger cooling water circuits often represent major inertial systems with very large flows at high velocities. Safe control of this inertia is essential to avoid disaster. We provide surge analysis of cooling networks for this reason.

Safe inertial control on startup, pump switching, power failure, and system priming is essential. Accurate positioning selection and setting for vacuum breakers and air relief valves is vital.

Often fluid control issues can impact significantly on process security and safety of other systems.

Control of induced air for cooling networks is often of prime concern.

Peter Glover Consulting Ltd offers complete pressure surge analysis solutions to our clients by providing a qualified and experienced analyst, investigating failures, supervision, expert witness and review and checking of analyses undertaken by others.

Peter Glover Consulting also offer a pressure surge training course that can enable your experienced cooling network engineers to consider their designs from a pressure surge perspective. This enables designers to determine whether a full surge analysis is required, and what type of solutions are appropriate. In addition, it enables designers to undertake preliminary design of potential pressure surge control solutions.

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