Stephanie Glover (né Stephanie Dews)

My dear friends, I am so sorry to inform you that Stephanie died on the 3rd April 2001 following a car accident in Johannesburg while we were returning to the UK. There was a memorial service for her in Johannesburg. The funeral was held at St Etheldreaders Catholic church in Newmarket where Stephanie and I were married. Stephanie was buried in her mother’s grave as she had requested before the accident.

I have included on the web pages below: my words at the funeral, and I have also included quotations from friends who have written about their memories of Stephanie. I will treasure these, and will keep them for the children. I have not obtained permission from the authors, and I apologise for this. It has taken me all my emotional effort to work through the 250 correspondence. I found this overwhelming, but ultimately strengthening, and I am very grateful for all the messages. If I have misquoted, or published something you would rather not, or missed something out please let me know so that I can change it.

I am so honoured to have known Stephanie, and I treasure her memory. It is lovely for me to know that so many people feel the same.

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