Hydropower Surge Analysis

Hydropower is one of the most cost effective renewable energy resources and an industry we are excited to be involved with. It can involve truly massive fluid inertias. As a result our expert understanding of pressure surge control is important.  Surge analysis is essential.

Hydropower Surge Analysis Modelling

We undertake surge analyses for a variety of objectives on hydropower systems depending on the type and purpose of the installation. Issues that we would address in a detailed surge analysis include:

  • startup procedures,
  • shutdown procedures,
  • working procedures,
  • generator synchronisation procedures, 
  • protection in load rejection, 
  • prevention of hydro electric resonance.
  • optimal surge shaft sizing
  • optimal guide vane closure rates
  • relief valve sizing and setting
  • air vessel/accumulator sizing
  • flywheel sizing

Our analyses use “state of the art” modelling of water turbines along with expertise to identify potential worst case scenarios and to develop the best and most cost effective solutions.

Some of the worst pressure surge disasters we have seen relate to failure to control pressure surges in these hydropower systems catastrophic failures.

Hydropower catastrophic failure

For hydropower projects we would often be required to simultaneously analyse pressure surges alongside mass oscillations associated with huge inertias and storage volumes.

Hydropower surge analysis
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