Pressure Surge Analysis / Transient Control 

Peter is extremely competent and impeccably professional in all his dealings both with our engineers and clients and I would have no hesitation in recommending him.  In addition to his professional services, BHR Group has also utilised Peter’s training and mentoring programme which has been central to the development of our surge engineers.

Dr Yolande Herbath - Strategic Director, BHR Group, VirtualPiE Limited

"Peter certainly knows his stuff! He regularly delivers excellent results, and in a friendly and professional manner." 

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Rob Grant - Market Sector Manager at Halcrow Group Ltd

“I have worked with Peter when we were both at the same company. Peter has since set up in business on his own. Peter is very experienced in, and has a thorough understanding of, surge analysis and proposing solutions. I have no issue in commending him to others.”

Richard Harpin

 , Senior Vice President, Halcrow

“Peter is a very competent pressure transient analyst, with a level of knowledge that is rare in the industry. Peter trained me on the subject and supervised me on a large number of projects. His deep understanding of the problems and his ability to communicate solutions have always resulted in successful projects and happy clients. Highly recommended.” 

Claudia Bakeev Engineer, Halcrow

Pressure Surge Training 

"This is honestly the best training course I have ever attended. I thoroughly enjoyed the two days, and I thought Peter was excellent at taking complex concepts and explaining them in a comprehendible way. When I got left behind he  went to lengths to explain again to bring me back on board. He also went over the complex stuff more than once to make sure we were all on board.

I thought the workshops were very helpful since they gave us a chance to check that we did properly understand, they gave us a break from listening, and they allowed us to practice tasks that we will be able to do in our everyday jobs.

Peter took a difficult and scary subject and made it very straightforward, such that I now feel I have a proper understanding of the subject and can provide informed advice to others. I was also very pleased that he spent a good amount of time explaining the limitations of surge modelling software, as well as ways to get round these and pitfalls to avoid. This course has definitely left me much more knowledgeable and competent in this subject making me much more useful to the company as a result."

Chris Hansford - Pell Frischmann

"Peter has a fantastic knowledge of his subject and is a great teacher"
Richard Collins - Albright Engineering Ltd

Pressure surges is one of our core capabilities and it is really useful that our team members have consisten training in this technology from an acknowledged expert. 2013
Dave Kelsall BHR Group

“I believe I speak for everyone in that I found the experience one of the most enjoyable courses I've attended for a long time. The day passed quickly and I found it particularly enlightening. Surge is not that scary subject it once was, for me anyway and now we have a pool of engineers in Inverness that have more confidence and better able to understand the potential level of surge issue within their projects.”
Neil Aimers - Scottish Water Solution

"Good Course, Great Lecturer"
Andy Wedgener - Halcrow International AbuDhabi

"A brilliant induction for anyone looking to tackle surge issues with confidence"
Richard Brewis - BHR Group

"Essential Knowledge for Water/Sewer pipe designers"
John Symons - Nippon Koei UK

"It did bring surge to life for me, and has significantly enhanced my understanding although I still feel like I have a lot to learn."
Jenny Mills - United Utilities

"I would recommend to all hydraulic engineers"
James Pritchard - Jacobs UK

"Excellent presentation of facts"
John Burton -  BP Oil UK Ltd

"Very beneficial for anyone dealing with fluid systems. Highly recommended"
Matyas Benke - BHR Group 

"I would recommend to all hydraulic engineers"
James Pritchard - Jacobs UK

"Well run. Easy to follow steps. Very important problems are well covered"
Nick Holder Halcrow

"Very helpful for hydraulic and surge design engineers"
Marwan Al Dajani - Hyder Consulting

"Recommended for hydraulic engineers especially"
Ashok Kumar - Mott MacDonald

"Good knowledge of the subject. Very helpful."
Ian Bonwick - Arup

"The teacher knows his onions and is very good in explaining what really matters in this subject."
M.Toraldo - Waterco

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