Christina - Brazil 
"The few days we spent together were enough for me to realise that happiness is made of love and simplicity. Stephanie touched me by the way she dealt with the children, family and people around her. She deserved the happiness she was allowed while on earth, and you may be proud of yourself for being part of it" 

Kate Jones 
"It has been such a privilege to know Steph and to share these years with you both. I have been left with so many special and happy memories. Steph's strength of character; has beliefs, her humour, were so strong and so full of life - it is so hard to take it in that she's gone. But she has left behind an enormous amount of love; three beautiful children and an immeasurable amount of happiness for so many.

My first image of Steph, is always of her laughing - & I hold that in my heart." 

Ann Snell 
"I will always remember Stephanie as a beautiful, vibrant person, who made the most of her life." 

Louise John Sydney and Alice (Tor Rash)


Stephanie, with you there were no half measures. When William wanted attention, you danced for him. When you returned from your month's grocery shopping , with Edward eventually restrained in the grocery trolley, you regaled us with the story of his revenge - dropping eggs one by one onto the supermarket floor. Anna recently displayed your own characteristics. Looking up from her concentrated game, she opened her mouth wide, and shook in silent laughter at some profane adult remark, indicating her mother's instant rapport with those around her.

Stephanie, your love knew no bounds. Regardless of company, you flaunted romance around Peter. You love and support for him was ubiquitous, and you enjoined everyone to celebrate this with you.

Stephanie, you dared responses from us all through your honesty and forthrightness. We noticed you, and in doing so we noticed ourselves and were enthralled by your frank challenge to be equally transparent. You provoked, and elicited the best in us. You touched us all, and left us with lasting impressions.

Stephanie, we loved you dearly. We appreciated you as one of the most wonderfully outrageous and audacious people we have ever known. We remember you as unique and scintillating, and we rejoice forever in having been your friends."

Jenny Appleton 
" I feel privileged to have known you all and Steph. She is someone I deeply admired. Someone that made me see that, maybe, my two goals in life aren't mutually exclusive, to have a close family, and work in rural Africa. If only I can, someday, do even half as good a job as she di, I will feel I have succeeded." 

Ann Marie Connolly 
"Nongoma for me was a time of peace and tranquility making good new friends. It was also laughter, stimulation, debate and enjoyment over cups of tea, meals or just hanging out in the office with Steph. My abiding memories are of her laughter, energy, warmth and lively intelligence as well as the hospitality that both of  you offered me in your home. You of all people know what an amazing woman she was." 

Ken and Linda Kaufman 
"We are thankful for the privilege of knowing you and Stephanie. God has used you in many ways that you were unaware." 

David , Lindiwe and Brendan 
"Stephanie's love touched so many and she will always be an inspiration to live life with a smile" 

Emma and Dave (Mc Burtles :) 
" I have so many amazing memories of dear Stephanie - that laugh, so much fun; her clarity and high standards in all that she did; her warm hospitality at all times; her support for us, and everyone else; her belief and faith were an example to us all. I have so many vivid memories - sitting in the office, sitting under the tree, stephanie in your enormous tent and Stephanie laughing and laughing. She has brought an enormous amount to our lives, even though we only new her for a few short years, and for that I am eternally grateful. She will always hold a special place in our hearts, as you will." 

Hildegarde and Wynand 
"Stephanie was an inspiration to us, so vibrant and free. She's one of those people who touch you life and leaves a special impression behind. 
She will be fondly remembered and sadly missed" 

Mairwen ( Large nee Martin) 
"- the smile with which I will always remember her - welcoming, friendly and always a joy to be with, someone who could make even the most inhibited feel relaxed by her sheer vitality and force of personality" 

Eddie Blum 
"She was a very special person, a wonderful friend and I know a fantastic wife and mother. We will all miss her" 

Cis and George Chapman 
"- We can't think of Steph and stay sad for long though because she was such a fun lady. One of our favorite memories is of her on your wedding day. She looked so beutiful and elegant as if she'd stepped out of a glossy magazine. Then after all the formalities over she kicked off her shoes, hitched up her dress and jumped on the bouncy castle! Only Steph could have done it. It was a real privilege and JOY to have known her." 

Helen (Ratbag) Golton 22nd May 2001 
"I spoke to many people on the day of the funeral and each remarked on Steph's ability to gather people to her as she met them during the course of her life. Tim, Eddie Blum and I all felt that she would have been an irreverent old lady and thought that we would grow old together. Maggie and I can look around our houses and see several things that Steph gave us over the past 21 years. She so enjoyed giving gifts to people" 

Nick and Becky 
"Steph was such a bubbly person that I admired in so many ways. My memories of her are cherished. Its rather an inappropriate expression; but I always considered her so full of life." 

Martin Billington 
"All I can say is that it was a privilege to have met Steph. She was wonderful, loving, caring and, can I say, life affirming person. Knowing her (and you of course) in Nongoma made my life there so much fun and rich in experience and also so supported. When I think of her now the first thing I do is smile." 

Susy (Stirling) 30th May 2001 
"I have strong and wonderful memories of my time in Nongoma - her warmth, hospitality and fantastic smile and sense of humour. What amazing energy and vitality she had, as well as an ability to give of herself to those around her. I shall treasure these memories." 

Anna Latham 19th June 2001 
"When I think of her, I think of someone who lived life to the full. She was so fully alive in the present, giving of herself continually, her skills her talents, her humour, her compassion, her intelligence, her insights, her joy, her generosity - she was so generous and kind with an inexhaustible energy and love, and she always made me laugh and feel happy. And even now I imagine her having crossed the threshold into heaven still
 looking down from there encouraging me, and maybe all of us, sort of like the managing director in the most beautiful sense. She used to make me laugh when she said she was the managing director of your company in Nongoma, and you paid her miserably!! I remember how upset she was when Lady Di died, and perhaps it seems fitting in retrospect, that she went out the same way - both Princesses giving everything of themselves to others, and now in the kingdom of God."

Arabella 22nd June 
" I have a very big place in my heart for Stephanie. She is such a special person, someone I instantly liked and wanted to become buddies with. " 

Rebecca Scott

Knowing Stephanie

I've never known someone so close 
be taken from this world in such a tragic way; 
I've never known someone so alive 
have this life drawn to a close 
so unexpectedly; 
I've never known someone so beautiful 
leave behind such a beautiful, fragile family.

I can't dwell on the why, it pains my heart. 
And God, in his graciousness, doesn't try to give me an answer; 
not now, not yet. 
He hears my cries, shares my pain, 
Offers me His motherly embrace, 
And gently shows me that He is still God.

And yet, I have known a woman of beauty. 
I have known her who lived life; 
I have shared in Stephanie's days, 
Those of joy and those of pain; 
And those that were simply to be lived and enjoyed 
In shared company.

The first memory of her - kissing her beloved 
On a stairway. 
She made an impact 
From that moment on. 
Other memories flood in , it's hard to extract one from the many. 
Together they form a collective memory; 
Vibrant, colourful, reassuring.

She wiggled in her wedding dress as you stood 
Together before the alter 
An invitation for us all to relax, share in her joy 
And expect the unexpected. 
I loved her for that.

So many other memories. 
Talking on the veranda, under the fig tree, in the kitchen. 
Tea and flapjack.  Children playing. 
Relaxing in hot springs, swimming in seas, 
viewing game, enjoying good meals; 
oh, the numerous shared meals! 
Stephanie's wonderful experimenting with recipes 
warm company, stimulating conversations. 
The moment she knew what she hoped for - 
that William would be born into this world. 
And, in the tougher moments - 
loved ones lost, security shaken, fears acknowledged, 
shared pain and mixed tears. 
A true friend.

She greeted my arrivals with open arms 
open smile, open heart; 
at airports, train stations, coach stations; 
always a joy to encounter, 
a coming home. 
Partings were heartfelt, yet strong; 
with the reassurance that I was loved, missed - 
and we would meet again.

I have known Stephanie for who she was; 
for that I rejoice and in that I find solace. 
I know her for who she remains, for me, 
in my remaining days. 
(God help me make them all count for something) 
And I will hear her again. 
Her laughter melting into the song of angels, 
and I will know her again. 

Rob Dyer 3rd May 2001 South Africa 
"Stephanie was an extraordinary person, with such a lovely sharp sense of humour.  She could communicate with my lighter side like 
few others do." 

Aidan Mowbray 28th April 
"I remember Steph with such fond memories and her kindness, warmth and unending sense of fun was an inspiration to us all. She will be so dearly missed." 

Heather Butler 23 April 2001 Australia

"Beautiful Stephanie, so full of life and love and so bubbly and happy.  It 
was a joy to know her.   She made me feel so welcome when I arrived in 
Nongoma, so totally culture shocked and bewildered.  She amazed me with her 
strength of character and her outgoing personality.  Nothing phased her.  I 
remember when Edward was born and being so astounded that Stephanie was home 
within hours of his birth.  She certainly amazed this Aussie!!  I loved 
spending time with her, with all of you - you all made me feel like such a 
part of the family when I was so far from my own home.  Pasta lunches and 
mid-day soapies, baskets of freshly picked pecans, Anna and her wonderful 
ringlets and Stephanie's infectious sense of humour, even with all the 
frustration's of life in Nongoma.

We had such fun going to Hlabisa to buy baskets.  Stephanie trying to 
communicate in her broken Zulu - being so frustrated that she hadn't 
mastered the language, and Collette and I rolling about laughing at the 
translation.  An unbelievable day and I still look back through my photos 
and live those time again and again.

Our Australian opal and Zulu basket trade last year was such a delight.  I 
have baskets in every room of my house, ever present reminders of wonderful 
times with my wonderful friend.  I will never look at another Australian 
opal without being reminded of Stephanie.  The beauty in the opals reflect 
the beauty in her personality.

Peter, my heart goes out to you and the children and Amy and Michael.  Words 
are not enough to express my thoughts and feelings.  I wish I could hug you 

Rest peacefully Stephanie, I will so miss your letters and photos and all 
those emails." 

Carol Maloney 22 Apr 2001 Ghana

"You two were such a wonderful unit.  For me Steph was just a friend, but such a special one.  She had such compassion & kindness.  She felt like a sister somehow to me."

Nicola, Anna & Maurizio Giuliani   18th April 2001 Italy

"I knew you on your last travel in Italy and I remember her and all of you at my grandmother's house . I'll never forget her smile . " 

Karen and Cedric Nisbet and family 18th Apr 2001  Cape Town, South Africa

" she will always be remembered as a vibrant, loving, caring person and will 
never be forgotten." 

Bethia Smith  18th April 2001 
"Yours really was the 'marriage of true minds' " 

Ian and Rachel Almond 12th April 2001 
 Steph was such as beautiful and lovely person, we all feel her loss even though she is heavens gain. 

Steve Westwood 
"My abiding memory of Stephanie amid the gloom of a West Midlands winter and 
excessive (if not pointless) work load on the MBA course was of virtually 
permanent good humour.  Whatever was happening, Steph always seemed to approach 
things with a radiant smile.  I know that things must be truly awful for you and 
your family at the moment but please take strength from the memories which we 
all have of such a wonderful, happy person." 

Elie Ball  12th April London 
" She was one of those rare people that really made life better just for knowing her.

I worked with Stephanie whilst she was with Pitman Publishing in the early 
nineties and she was one of those bright flame people, someone that warmed 
you just by her presence.  She always lit up the room with her joy for life. 
She was so full of love, especially for Peter.

Lasting memories include her outrageous stories about  biting Peter's bottom 
(!) and, despite that mischievous behaviour, the constant stream of flowers 
from Peter (which made the rest of us girls so so jealous), her table 
dancing on her hen night, and her belly button disappearing when she was 

I have sadly not seen her for years but she remains in my memories as a 
glorious person.  Even though I am now not much more than I stranger, I am 
devastated by the news. "

Mary Mercuri 12th April Australia 
"She was a wonderful friend, I was always so bad at keeping in contact, she 
was always scolding me." 

Richard and Ann Poynter 
"It seems so cruel that someone so vibrant and full of life should die so young." 

Reagan April 11 2001 
"I will look out some photos and I want to give Anna Maria, Edward and William some memories about their mother which capture her zest for life and that little bit of craziness.  At the same time Stephanie could be very deep and I valued our many late night sessions together in Watford.

I knew her for a much shorter period than many of your friends but I always felt she was like a sister. While writing was never my strong point you were all never very far away from my thoughts - particularly when I saw a makeup counter with an offer on - or a thomas the Tank engine!" 

Rebecca Wainwright 10th April 2001 
"Steph was the first person I became friends with at Warwick. My name then was Rebecca Oatley. We were in hall together and I remember a lot of coffee, a lot of laughter, quite a few tears and her friendship giving me the confidence to begin that new life at University. I remember her resorting to Italian every time she became exasperated with somebody, so that she could express herself without needing to offend the person concerned. I remember her glorious hair and the way she would swoop about, bestowing love and affection so freely. I can imagine she 
was a fun and dedicated mummy. For some reason I remember you cooking her 
trout and almonds for dinner after she had been waitressing for conferences 
in the holidays, she was impressed with the way you had chopped the 
tomatoes!! This dinner proved to her that you were her Man... clearly she 
was right to trust her instincts. I am sure your children will continue to 
remind you of her." 

Vadim Jean 10th April 2001 
"But my memories of you and Steph together are of your joy and happiness and that you were so made for each other.  I don't think many people are as blessed as you have been to have had so wonderful a partner.  I'm proud of my small part in helping you to have met each other.  I will never forget her.  Nobody could" 

Jack and Fiona Taylor 10th April 2001 
"Fiona & I were always warmed by Steph's boundless energy and the 'light she 

It is impossible to understand one's individual role in God's grand design. 
It is only ours to accept and appreciate both the stumbles and the elevations in it.   Stephanie was truly a blessing to all of us from Him. 
Love Him for her." 

Sally Brunner (Mitchell) 10th April 2001 
"Stephanie was a very special person, someone 
other people want to be like and the world will be a poorer place 
without her" 

Kathryn Bullock 10th April 2001 
I will always remember Stephanie as such a warm and giving person with such a joie de vivre 

Dave and Becky Nichols  09 April 2001 
"How can someone so thoroughly 'good' be taken so young? We've 
cried for you all. It seems so wrong to cry since when we think of Steph we 
only see laughter and fun. Why won't we share in her fun again? Like everyone 
we have to dwell on our memories; the time in Coventry, your wonderful 
wedding, staying with you in London. Each time prompts a memory of Steph, 
each one bringing a smile to our face: volunteering you for our electrics and 
offering you pizza in the loft because you had not finished; phoning you from 
downstairs in your London flat, asking you to bring her a cup of tea from 
upstairs; your song to Anna Maria whilst staying with us. 
Your happiness and devotion to each other is immeasurable. 
We thank you both for letting us share the good times and to the same end we 
share a fraction of your sadness and loss. 
Steph is only ever a thought away to all of us" 

Adrian and Margaret Boldy 09 April 2001 
"We recall your wonderful wedding and the day you 
called to see us with baby Anna shortly before you embarked on your epic jo 
urney to South Africa. We are so sorry we never made it to see you in South 
 Africa, despite the many invites, and we were so looking forward to welcom 
ing you home.

In her short life Stephanie achieved so many goals and was never disconcert 
ed when any challenges came along. Despite many setbacks, she was always full of enthusiasm and her lovely sweet smile will always be there in our memories - she was so special to so many people.

You had only a few short years together Peter but those years were filled with such love and happiness. You will have so many lovely memories to share with the children as they grow and flourish and they will never ever forget what a wonderful and very special Mummy they had."

Kate Salkilld 9th April 2001 
"Stephanie was always so full of life, so lively and such a happy person to be around. 
We had great fun together when we worked together at Pitman and I was really 
looking forward to seeing her after your stay in South Africa."

" she was always happy. Happy in a new job, happy to get a pay rise! ( I think we both got the same rise at the same time), very happy at the prospect of marrying you Pete, and ecstatic when she was pregnant with Anna Maria"

Richard and Margaret Scott 8th April 2001 
So many wonderful things have been said about Stephanie by your hosts of 
friends and we would like to share a few moments with you all.

It is just a few days from the time we were with you in Nongoma last Easter, 
so we have some treasured memories of sitting in your garden with Stephanie feeding baby William, Edward on the computer and Anna Maria dancing around. While we cannot go back in time we have God's gift to us of that time (and 
earlier memories of some amazing meals!) to take with us into the future.

Phil and Pam Hopkins 8 April 2001 
"It is with great sadness and sorrow that we empathise with you in the knowledge that we will never again experience Stephanie's "Stephanieness" this side of eternity. You were truly blessed to have such a wife, howbe it for a brief time" 

Alison Myers 8th April 2001 
"My memories of Stephanie will be of someone bubbling over with life and energy, wherever she went she turned heads with a presence that demanded attention.   She impressed me greatly with her intelligence and wit and, particularly at school, her ready supply of witty retorts against anyone who was foolish enough to take her or her friends on.  She was thoughtful and sensitive too and I am glad to have known her as a friend.  I believe she has put more in to, and got more out of, her short life than many people manage in twice the time.

I hope these words of Bishop Brent will be a comfort to you as they have been to me in the past:

'And life is eternal and love is immortal, and death is only an horizon, and an horizon is nothing save the limit of our sight.'" 

Victoria Mier 8th April 2001 
"In response to the suggestion on the website, that you would like to make a more permanent record of people's memories and stories about Stephanie, I thought I would send you the poem that Stephanie wrote in a card for me when we left Florence - it's dated June 1985, and the card is a reproduction of an old wall painting of St Francis, from the church at Assisi - I always associate St Francis with Stephanie.

The poem that she wrote inside the card is a bit of T.S.Eliot's 'Four Quartets' -ever since she gave me the card (and read to me the lines in that earnest, passionate way she had) I have associated this poem with Stephanie. 
The lines, which seem to have such poignant resonance now, are as follows: 
"We shall not cease from exploration, 
And the end of all our exploring 
Will be to arrive where we started 
And *know* the place for the first time."

She saw these lines as deeply Christian.  I honestly look back on the 5 months we spent together in Florence as the happiest of my life - I remember meeting her at a Bible study, and while I was shy and reserved with all these strangers, I was struck by how comfortable she was with people, and so friendly, extremely friendly to me.  She told me she was at Warwick University, and my home town is Kenilworth, only a few miles away, so there seemed like an instant bond.  One day I decided to go on spec to her house in Settignano, not realising quite what that involved - a bus journey then a long walk uphill in the hot Italian sunshine - and she was so thrilled when I arrived, apparently no one had ever done that spontaneously before - and from 
then on we were firm friends.  She is still the only real girlfriend - in the truly girlie sense of the word - that I have ever had - by that I mean that we did all those girlie things together, lying on her bed or on the grass, looking at the ceiling or the sky, and talking about anything and everything, from deeply spiritual things to shades of lipstick, going for long walks and picnics in the Tuscan hills, eating ice cream by the Arno, always 
laughing, yet always capable of being serious - she was a truly genuine, guileless person, who simply shared who she was, and made others (me, anyway) feel good about life - I think that's partly why St Francis seemed such an appropriate person to associate with her, she could be quiet and she could be exuberant, and in both was true to herself.  Each day with her was an adventure.  With her death, a light has gone out in the world.

I also remember how unaffectedly kind and generous she was when I was low and needing a job, and she invited me to come and stay with her in Herne Hill so that I could look for a job in London, which I did, another turning point in my life." 

Simon Lloyd 7th April 2001 
"I have just read through the messages on the web site, we know of our own 
sadness at losing a friend but reading through you begin to appreciate how 
many people have been touched by her love and abiding sense of fun.  It 
reminds me of a saying that life is for real, do not treat it as if you are 
practising to get it right next time around.  Stephanie got it right big time 
and will remain a lesson for us all.  She will be deeply missed." 

Paul Fountain 7th April 2001 
We pray that this service will be both a real 
testimony to the life and witness of Steph - her joy, her spontaneity, her 
care, her commitment - as well as to the love of Jesus her Lord.

Stephanie has left a huge hole - and it hurts. Yet somehow even that hurt 
and that hole are a testimony to just how special she was. If she hadn't 
been anyone specially none of us would be missing her - it is precisely 
because of just how special she was that we and you are missing her so 
much. So as buzzer as it sounds, that hole, the hurt, are also a part of 
the celebration of who Steph is. At the moment she has beat us to heaven - 
but we will join her soon. 

Kate and Dave Jones 6th April 2001 
" It's not when you die 
But how you lived" 

Julie Woolf 6 April 2001 
"I will always remember Stephanie as the most caring, generous, loving and wise person. She always had a kind word to offer and a helping hand, whilst being a wonderful Mum, Wife, friend and teacher. Heaven must have needed a very special angel" 

Nicky Mann 6th April 2001 
"You don't need me to tell you that Stephanie was an exceptional person - 
intelligent, warm, practical and inspiring.  We will remember her as such and 
hope in time you will be able to celebrate all that was good in her life." 

Susan Pritchard 8 April 2001 
" I remember meeting stephanie at our aqua natal classes, she was so full of joy and anticipation at beginning her family and I feel blessed to have shared those early days with her. Our Friday afternoon gatherings were the highlight for me, sharing our concerns about babies and laughing at the situations us new mothers found ourselves in!

Although physical distance then came between us, I always treasured the letters and emails that Steph sent. Her warmth, love and humour and her adaptation to life in Nongoma were evidenced in these. Here achievements in her continuing education left me in awe, all that, 3 children and a business!

Her love for you and the children shone through everything that she wrote, when we last were together she was so obviously happy. Although her life has been so tragically short Steph truly lived every moment and that is how I will remember and treasure her."

Jill Michael and Julia Hoare 07 April 2001 
"She was such  a wonderful person who brought joy to us 
whenever we met." 

Annamaria Giuliani 6th April 2001 
"As you know Peter, Stef was like a sister to me and if I feel 
devastated now I cannot imagine how you and the children might feel right 
now. I can only hope that your strong faith and time will help you in coping 
with the worst loss that you can possibly have in life: that of a spouse and 
mother of your children. I know that words are of little use in such 
occasions. I do hope though that somehow, with time you will all find the 
strength to move on and start your new life back in the UK. Alexander and I 
will try our best to be in Newmarket for the funeral service later this 
month. Last night my thoughts when back 18 years ago when Stephanie first 
arrived in Modena. When she left six month later we had become so close 
friends that I couldn't describe the happiness she gave to me in the 
everyday life. In the following 10 years we had lots of occasions to meet. I 
still remember when I met you for the first time when I visited her in the 
summer of 1990. That week spent travelling by car with her was one of the 
most enjoyable of my life. It was so easy for her to put everyone at ease 
and her laughter was so contageous.... Then came your wedding in 1992: my 
parents, Stefano and I had a great time and loved being with you on the most 
important day of your life as a couple. Then came our great holiday to South 
Africa in 1997: we couldn't get a better picture of your life there without 
the tips and helps in the organization that you and Stephanie gave us! 
Thanks to you both (and the children) we could really get a glimpse of the 
REAL Africa: thank you again for your warm hospitality and friendship. Then 
we have to mention the last time we met all of you: on the occasion of our 
Wedding in Modena! It was one of the most incredible things for me to get 
the confirmation of your arrival: William was just 3 monts old and you 
arranged to come to Italy with the whole family  just for a long week-end. I 
will never forget that, now more than ever before. It is true that that you 
can 'measure' real friends not  by the frequency you meet them but mostly by 
the quality of the times you manage to spend together! Peter, I do hope that 
in spite of the distance we will have opportunities to be in touch in the 
future. I am not the one who has to tell you how great Stephanie was: you 
chose her as the woman of your life and the mother of your three wonderful 
children. Sometimes I find it really hard to believe that her destiny was 
written in such a tragic way. I want to believe that now she is somewhere, 
close to her own mother and she can watch over you and pray that you will be 

Cathy and Will Mosely (Hall) 
" Stephanie will always be in my heart as one of the most vibrant, intelligent, positive people I know. I have so many happy memories of her but at the moment they make the grief hard to bear. She was such a special person." 

Chris and Shiao-Ling Cave Jones 
"A great light in the world has gone out, but we will pray for you and the 
children and ask that you find the strength to carry on." 

Annette Bos April 6th 2001 
"The warmth you and Stephanie surrounded was very visible and made me feel very 
welcome. I discovered Stephanie's humor, drive and energy, which were 
very inspiring for me (and I am sure many others!)." 

Titti Speroni 6th April 2001 Italy 
I'll remember Stephanie forever. 

Anna and Umesh Chauhan 6th April 2001 
"There are so many happy memories of our time with you, how you welcomed us 
into your home, without question. We feel privileged to have known such a 
loving family, with such energy and drive." 

Ruth Lloyd and Caroline and Bob Jones 06 April 2001 
"Stephanie was a a very special person who will 
live on in our memories.  We were privileged to have known her." 

Mike Denise Ruth and Tanya Dews 05 April 2001 South Africa 
" Her sense of life can never be replaced. Stephanie's humour and bubbly nature will 
be missed by all who knew her." 

Franca Pio, Family e Nonna Marisa 5th April 2001 Italy 
"We can find no words to express our feelings except "vi vogliamo bene " and pray with you. 
Stephanie has been so nice to us all and a spell of sun for my family. She has been special to my kids and we all loved her deeply. We enjoyed  so much having you with us for Annamaria's wedding. Roberto, Francesca and Giulia will always remember their English "tata". She has always been one of the family. I remember her smile, her strength, her sense of humour, her super Italian accent, her love 
for life. 
She will always be with us forever." 

Deborah and Eric 5th April South Africa 
"The first thing we noticed when we met Stephanie in Nongoma was how much love she put into making everything work; how she would seek the joy, the humour, the lessons in every occasion. Stephanie really knew how to value the moment. 
We value the times we all spent together  in Nongoma where Peter turned tables into trains for the children; in Ulundi, where two-year-old Anna climbed on top of Stephanie and almost into her breakfast to declare  'I love you so much Mummy'; in Durban at our wedding where it meant so much that you could join us. If we have so many fond recollections of so few meetings, we know that you and all your family have a treasury of memories that will enrich and strengthen you" 

Carolyn Holden 5th April 2001 
"There don't seem to be any words I can use to  try 
and comfort you at the moment or to express my personal agony .....Stephanie has always been the one to articulate my thougts and translate them into  meaningful words! She has always been reliably my source of strength and best friend at all times.....I  will miss her so very,very much. 
My whole family are praying for you ...Simon ,my parents and Julia.We are all clinging on to our own private memories of times in the past and what an incredibly loving and special person Stephanie was with very rare qualities that made everyone around her feel special too." 

Leigh Wilson 5th Apri 2001 
 "I am broken-hearted for all of you. I have always 
felt such love for you both. I've been so glad that Stephanie and I stayed 
close after you went to South Africa, because such special things had made 
us friends in the first place. She was extraordinary." 

Mike and Jean Adkins 5th April 2001 
"Our memory of Stephanie was a person who had a lovely smile, someone full 
of life, fun and laughter. Your  children must have adored her. We know 
from her mails during your  illness last year how she felt for you" 

Steve Clark 5th April 2001 
"You know she was a star, a very special star and together you always brought light and laughter." 

Jane Edwards and Rob Miller 4th April 2001 
"I can?t believe that Stephanie will not be around any longer? we were so 
looking forward to her being back in the UK and close enough for a chat 
and visit.

At least we are filled with many beautiful memories of weekends in 
Nongoma and many weekends with you all in our home in Durban; of a 
chauffeur to our wedding; of beautifully thought out presents planned 
many months in advance; of basket buying trips to Hlabisa; and of 
course breast feeding advice!  For these memories we are so thankful. 
Yet these thoughts fill me with tears.  Stephanie will always be a very 
special person in our hearts." 

Isabel Miller USA 
"Yes, I remember  the  Glovers very well,  especially 
Stephanie.  In the very short time I was there she  took time to  show me 
around the town  and the school where she was working   She told me  how she 
had married  Peter  knowing that  she was  taking on his passion for working 
in Africa   but not really knowing what the consequences  would be to her. 
I recognized that  the community  was even more  primitive  and limiting 
for her than Taiwan had been when I first went there.  I could see why she 
was so appreciative    of   the  little luxuries  Jane brought to her. 
I felt that it took an extraordinary  woman  to have  made all the 
necessary  adjustments with such success and good  spirit  Later when we 
made the trip to see the basket makers  she  took time to explain  to me 
the finer points and characteristics of the baskets.

The  vignette I saw  of their lives, and especially  Stephanie,  made one of 
my most vivid memories  of that visit to Africa.  Books have been written 
about less remarkable individuals." 

Ashufta Alam April 4th 2001 Nigeria 
"Today, Annesh and I have been talking to 
each other about our memories of Steph. Annesh remembered the weekend with 
you all and Carol in Cape Vidal a few years ago, before William was born. 
Stephanie was extremely proud to show off her new Formula One T-shirt and 
baseball cap. 
I have many memories of Steph's magic quality of completely captivating her 
audience with her witty and humorous anecdotes. Her total love and 
dedication to you Peter and Anna, Edward and William has always seemed like 
a stunning light, leaving others in complete awe and with hope. I will 
remember her as one of the strongest, passionate and funny people I have 
ever known. I think many people have aspired to be more like her (I have). 
We feel blessed to have shared in her life." 

Steve & Barbera Harvey  April 4th  Kimberly South Africa 
"You know that we loved Stephanie dearly. It is such a shock, after spending such a lovely weekend with you at Sun City. If there is anything, absolutely anything that we can do to help, just say so. We will be for ever indebted to Stephanie for the warmth and kindness and excellent dinners that we shared in Nongoma. It was Stephanie and you that made all the difference when we lived there. Barbara is going book a flight up to attend the service. She would be happy to stay on for a few days to help with the kids, if you would like that. Just let us know. I'm sorry that I will never get the chance to get even with her at Balderdash. Next time I was going to finally win." 

Peter & Renu  April 4th 2001 
"Although it is quite a while since we have seen Stephanie, her bright, bubbly enthusiastic personality and incredible warmth and generosity towards us during our sometimes difficult time in South Africa, is still fresh in our memories.  We can still hear her laughter and see her smile. Happy times were had in Nongoma with you all." 

Sally Lloyd April 4th 2001 
"The girls are talking lots about Stephanie and all the family, lots of 
questions about funerals and wakes and how we must celebrate as well as be 
sad. They have lots of ideas for treasure boxes to help remember someone so 
special (not sure we could find a box big enough or a bed high enough to 
accomodate it !!)." 

Dave and Lindi Still April 4th 2001 
" It was a privilege to have known Stephanie, 
and we will always remember her with great affection." 

Anya  4th April 2001 Hlabisa, South Africa 
"Stephanie was one in a million and will be greatly missed." 

Anthony Bradbury April 4th 2001 Columbia 
For Pete and For Stef.

If I could hold you now, I'd hug you so much, 
I'd hold you so tightly, that I'd feel your heart burst witne. 
If I could be there now........

If I could see your face, I'd look so hard, 
I'd see you so deeply, that I'd feel your tears searing theof my eyes, 
If I could be there now........

God only knows, and that's our strength, God only knows why God only knows when.....,

Oh I can see her now, I can see her so fresh, 
I can see her so clearly, I can feel her smile here within Oh I can see her now.......

Oh I can see her now, on that first day at Dom's, 
that old f-hole guitar and she just bounced into the room

And I see her now, stroking hairs on Papo's head, 
bursting bubbles as she came, all my natural reserve just bway

And I can see her now, so much of God running round her heaSo much of God running round her heart, just love and joy

If I could hold you now, I'd hug you so much, 
I'd squeeze you so tightly...and thank God with all my hearletting me share time with you.

----------------- o -----------------

The most that you can ever say of anyone is that they'd so 
much love there wasn't time enough to share it.

---------------- o --------------- 

Brendan Bailey  3rd April 2001 
"My abiding memories are of Steph laughing and taking on anyone who dared. I especially remember many times when she was trying to get Father Dominic to be a bit tidier and usually resorted to telling him off in Italian! He was suitably chastened."