List of Mourners

Mourners Attending the Funeral of Mrs Stephanie Glover (Nee Dews) at the St Etheldreada's Catholic Church in Newmarket on the 18th April 2001

Colin and Ann Dews

Charles Cavey

Carolyn and Simon Holden

Marin and Lisa Bradbury

Jon Bradbury

Marian Brown (Ref: Bridget Saunders + Erin Ella + Adam Brown)

Jill and Michael Hoare

Becky and David Nicholls

Keith and Gill Densham

MR and Mrs G.M. Wykes

Miss J. Wykes

Jane Golder

Joyce Taylor

Sue Pritchard

Beryl Curtis

Helen Goulton

Jean Addy

Joan and Alice Fox

Leigh Wilson

Toby Litt

Julie Hulme

Victoria Mier

Mavis and Latiff Adenekan

Margaret and Adrian Boldy

Nick and Becky Henstock

Sarah and Martin Angove

Sue Vince and Matthew Cross

Joyce and John Riches

Tony and Agnes Bradbury

Jane Matthew and Martha Bradbury

Simon, Sally, Hannah and Bethany + Jessica Lloyd

Katie Taylor-Jones

Anne Snell

Sande Nuttal

Helen Ling

Bob and Caroline Jones

Ruth Lloyd

Paul and Sarah Hampden-Smith

John and Kate Martin

David and Delia Huddy

Annette Bos

Paul Deverill

Richard and Margaret Scott

Dave and Emma Mc Burtles

Colette Dews

Abbes Oumamar

Susie Karnbach

Colin Husson

Colin Oram

Anthea Bolton

Sian Geddes

Jan and Rob Miller and Family

Joe Mein

Rebecca Scott

Clare Scott

The Warwick Family

Alison Myers

Jo Butcher

Mr and Mrs Boal

Catherine McGilloway

Mr and Mrs Ochiltree

Rev and Mrs Michael Glover

Rita Munns

Jane Jordan

Nigel, Maggie, Thomas, and Nancy Clarke

Rita Price

Bridie Dempsey

Mr and Mrs L.J. Smith

Mr P. Dews

Christine Lymer

Beryl Mason(Ref Trevor and Pamela)

Edie Conway (Ref Mr. Mrs Conway and Helen Primozic)

Paul Duffet

Ann and Don Ochiltree

Martin Billington

Anna Maria Guiliani

Alexander Koek

Maureen McGreavy ( Ref: Pearl Ellwood and Ann Sugrue)

Johanna McHugh

Paddy and Jimmy James

Teresa Dalkini

Cynthis Wilson

Angus Chalmers

John Hawkins

Jane and Roger Enkel and Family

Tandy Harrison

Holmes Family

Kate Salkilld

Ann Marie Connely

Chris Taylor

Edward Blum

Vadim Jean

Andy and Helen Redfern

Julian Hunt

Paul Lazenby

Gordon and Wendy Miller

Debbie Rumsby

Mrs D. McArdle

The Hall Family

Paul and Jackie Fountain and Family

Pam and Phil Hopkins

Mike and Jean Adkins

Brendan Bailey

Beryl Hobbs

Christine Stader

Cathy Hall

The Leydon Family

Miss Redpath

Paul Haggerty

Chris Bowers

Carol and Tim Barlow (Ref Family)

James and Jackie Wigley

Christine Stader

Bethia Smith

Prof Birral

Frian Cameron