Surge Analysis Training

We offer interactive technical training in the 
physics of pressure surges to enable hydraulic engineers, operators and transient modellers 
  • to determine the potential for pressure surges on your system 
  • to determine the likelihood of failures
  • to design safer systems
  • to review and specify analyses more critically
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"This is honestly the best training course I have ever attended" -  Chris Hansford - Pell Frischmann

"Peter has a fantastic knowledge of his subject and is a great teacher" - Richard Collins - Albright Engineering.

"A brilliant induction for anyone looking to tackle surge issues with confidence"- Richard Brewis - BHR Grp

Next course is at the 
26th and 27th April 2018
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 Training Course Day 1 Pressure surges in pipeline systems
Day 1 is a general introduction to hydraulic transients.
Delegates should be competent in steady state hydraulics, pump curves, system curves and friction. While it is not designed for surge modellers, many experienced surge modellers have found it valuable to have this insight into the subject of their modelling.
Contents include
 - Pump Stop Surge
 - Valve Close Surge
 - Pump Start/Priming Surge
 - Air Vessel Design
 - What to look for in a surge analysis report 
Course Day 2 Pressure surge modelling strategies
Day 2 focusses more on pressure surge modelling.
It will give modellers an opportunity to explore modelling strategies for various scenariosIt is essential that Day 1 has been completed before attending Day 2.Non modellers will also benefit from an improved understanding of check valve design, and more complex issues than are dealt with on Day 1.
 - A comparison of surge analysis software types
 - Surge analysis strategies
 - Solution design and optimisation
 - Check valve design practical design
 - Air Valves, vacuum breakers and antislam
 - Suction considerations
 - Summary discussion and review of issues
Day 1 and 2 combined rate£500 + VAT

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