Surge Analysis Software

The most widely accepted computational method for predicting transients is a computer simulation using the "method of characteristics" to solve the equations of inertia and continuity for given pipe elements. There are a number available commercially with varying degrees of sophistication. A simulation only predicts likely transients resulting from a given set of input data. It is important that the data is selected prudently and informed conclusions are drawn and the worst case transients quantified.

Peter Glover Consulting Ltd use the following pressure surge analysis software.

  • COUP - Part of the ISIS suite developed by Halcrow
  • PTRAN - hydropower simulation package with "state of the art" turbine modelling - not commercially available developed by Dr Adrian Boldy
  • WANDA - Transient Simulation Suite from Deltarres.(Licenses for WANDA are also available here)
  • Bentley Hammer
  • AFT Impulse

    If you would like to discuss the relative merits of different software packages, email us at
It is important that modellers are aware of limitations of their software, and the importance of experienced engineering judgement in Surge Analysis and design of solutions.

We offer training to potential modellers, and essential supervision and checking of analyses and models.

 It should be stressed that a modeller will not be ready to undertake independent analyses after 1 training day and a period of apprenticeship is advised. (Typically 6months full time for the most competent modelling engineers)