Hydopower Surge Analysis 

Hydropower is one of the most cost effective renewable energy resources. Harnessing the power of falling water requires a comprehensive and expert understanding of pressure surge control.  A surge analysis is 
required to design:

    • safe startup procedures,
    • safe shutdown procedures,
    • safe working procedures,
    • safe generator synchronisation procedures, 
    • protection in load rejection, 
    • prevention of hydro electric resonance.
    • surge shafts
    • guide vane closure rates
    • relief valve sizing and settings
    • air vessel/accumulator sizing
To undertake this work "state of the art" modelling of water turbines is required along with expert identification of worst case scenarios and the most cost effective solutions. Failure to control pressure surges in these energy systems can lead to catastrophic failures.

Hydro power projects often require the simultaneous analysis of pressure surges on top of significant mass oscillations on account of the huge inertias and storage volumes.